Saturday, 31 May 2014

The Chemical Brothers...

I've always been a huge fan of the Chemicals,  from the days when they were called The Dust Brothers, and did Song to the Siren, Chemical Beats and One Too Many Mornings, right up to their superb concert film Don't Think (if you haven't seen it, well why not? I saw it in The Curzon in Soho, it was a fantastic night, and the one that gave me my first ever appearance on YouTube). I've also seen them on stage a couple of times, and always been blown away by their live performance. So I've been meaning to make a Chemicals mix for aaaaaages. Thing is, I have 400+ tracks by them, so choosing a playlist wasn't easy. In the end, I was rigorous, and used only songs that are on my heavy rotation playlist on the iPod. Even that was still 100+ songs, so I ended up just flicking through them, going back and forwards, till I had a two and a half hour mix. Lots of chopping up and messing about going on here, bits and pieces of songs going in and out of each other, plus they're not always actually Chemicals songs; some are Chemical mixes of other peoples' songs, some are other peoples' mixes of Chemicals songs, and some are mash-ups. But they're all superb tunes, and I'm actually quite pleased with the mix.

Feel free to shake your booty.

DJ Flere Imsaho Chemical Brothers Mix