Tuesday, 9 July 2013

New stuff! About fucking time!

Yeah, well, I've been very busy indeed, at work and at home, it just hasn't bloody stopped; Friday night, my traditional time for making stuff now seems to consist of me drinking my own weight in ale and falling over. I've started on one or two mixes and podcasts, but nothing has come to fruition for aaaaaaages.

But I had to go into hospital last week, spent four nights hooked up to drips, sweating my tits off in a poorly air conditioned, minimum spec ward that had been built for pence 7 years ago, and had funding gradually cut ever since. I mean, at one stage I went for a shower, asked for a towel, was told there weren't any. Had to dry myself with toilet paper!

Anyway, while I was in there, the massive doses of antibiotics I was on meant the part of my brain that followed narrative and plot was pretty much turned off, meaning reading books and watching films or TV was out of the question, so I turned to the laptop, and started messing about with GarageBand, something I've only used in the last year or so for making mixes rather than making music, and I found I could concentrate on that. 

And I made Diverticultis - The Album - Unmixed (there's a mixed version of it too)

It's dedicated to Marsha and Ruby and Kenny and all the staff who did their best while I was there. The administrators, the ones who have never ever been there since it opened seven years ago, can go fuck themselves