Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Cambos Xmas Mix 2012

See those links over there to Big Jim Cambo? Big Jim, along with Leeds & Proud, Mr Benn, Cossie (LUFC) and Major Tom, among others, is a member of Another Online Place, and they are a  splendid bunch of guys; clever and funny and warm and blokey and, just, you know, nice. We like to go on educational drinking tours in London a couple of times a year. You know the sort of thing; Blue Plaques, Culture, Architecture, we even did the Monopoly Pub Crawl one memorable Saturday (though the Sunday wasn't too good). And at Christmas, we make a CD each of our favourite songs of the year and hand them around to each other in The Ship in Soho. This year I took a couple of songs off each CD, and made a mix of them.

*raises a glass* To you, lads.

DJ Flere Imsaho Cambos Xmas 2012 Mix