Monday, 23 December 2013


In meiner großen Kiste mit alten CD-Alben fand ich letzte Woche eine CD voller Kraftwerk Radio-Versionen (im Original deutsch, natürlich), dass vor einigen Jahren in Berlin (€ 2 in Hackescher Markt) kaufte ich. Also ich habe alle Songs in einem schnellen Mix setzen. Eigentlich ist die Version der Autobahn nicht der Radio-Version, es ist die volle 22 Minuten-Version von der Original-Album. Aber die Radioversion ist nur über 3 Minuten lang, und das ist einfach falsch.

DJ Flere Imsaho Kraftwerk Mix 01

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Modern Dance 1981

In 1981, K-Tel released a seminal vinyl compilation album called Modern Dance. For those of us who remember K-Tel, this probably comes as a bit of a surprise; ‘K-Tel’ and ‘seminal’ in the same sentence? For those who don’t remember K-Tel, think Now That’s What I Call Music, only much, much tackier. They made cheap compilation records, cramming as many songs onto the discs as they could, often editing the songs down to make them fit, meaning that you got more songs, but because the grooves were closer together, you got sound quality that was, well, not wonderful.  When I bought Modern Dance soon after it came out, I soon realised that its track listing was well night perfect; acts like the Human League (one of my favourite bands at the time), Heaven 17, Depeche Mode (those of you who think of them as this dark, brooding, gothy stadium band will be bemused by the tinkly bonk pop of their very first hit New Life here!), Visage, OMD and Japan, alongside more established acts like Simple Minds, Gary Numan and The Cure, but all of them part of that early 80s New Romantic electronicky sound. It was a great record, a snapshot of its time, and I listened to it so much on my record player and my cassette Walkman that I still suffer from Next Song Syndrome because of it, expecting New Life to start at the end of Penthouse & Pavement, Einstein A Go Go to come in after Fade To Grey and Open Your Heart to follow Enola Gay.

So I’ve done my best to recreate it here, trying to ensure the versions I’ve used are the ones that were on the record, and that the cueing and segueing is authentic (no beatmatching here, the BPMs jump about all over the place!) though because I no longer have the original album, it’s my unreliable memory that guides it all! One song, World Without Love by The News, is missing; I haven’t been able to track down a copy of it. But it was by far the weakest song on the album, and one I always used to skip past anyway!

At the time, I thought the cover was cool; a nearly Susan Sulley and an even more nearly Phil Oakey (both out of the Human League), all New Romanticked up, with a Blitz Kids style blurred club outline behind. Now, 32 years later, it couldn’t be much naffer.

I’m dedicating this podcast to my mate, Kate, who loves this music, and who has been my bezzy friend for 30+ years.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Another Podcast...

This time there's nothing whatsoever connecting the tunes; they're just songs I like, though most of them are a tad obscure. Back in the 80s and 90s I'd make cassette compilations like this, though drag and dropping mp3s and sliding them into place is slightly easier than cueing up cassettes...

DJ Flere Imsaho Podcast 02

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

*does that devil's horns hand thing beloved of metallers*

Q. Do you know how hard it is to make a rock and metal mix? 
A. Very

It's a bit rough about the edges, but there's some cracking tunes in there.

DJ Flere Imsaho Metal & Rock Mix 01

Friday, 1 November 2013

OSX Mavericks...

Stupid name, but it seems to be a good OS. Faster and sleeker, certainly on my new MacBook Pro, with various shiny things, and a new version of Garageband with which I made a sort of chill out mix.

DJ Flere Imsaho 10.9 Trip Hop Mix

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

New stuff! About fucking time!

Yeah, well, I've been very busy indeed, at work and at home, it just hasn't bloody stopped; Friday night, my traditional time for making stuff now seems to consist of me drinking my own weight in ale and falling over. I've started on one or two mixes and podcasts, but nothing has come to fruition for aaaaaaages.

But I had to go into hospital last week, spent four nights hooked up to drips, sweating my tits off in a poorly air conditioned, minimum spec ward that had been built for pence 7 years ago, and had funding gradually cut ever since. I mean, at one stage I went for a shower, asked for a towel, was told there weren't any. Had to dry myself with toilet paper!

Anyway, while I was in there, the massive doses of antibiotics I was on meant the part of my brain that followed narrative and plot was pretty much turned off, meaning reading books and watching films or TV was out of the question, so I turned to the laptop, and started messing about with GarageBand, something I've only used in the last year or so for making mixes rather than making music, and I found I could concentrate on that. 

And I made Diverticultis - The Album - Unmixed (there's a mixed version of it too)

It's dedicated to Marsha and Ruby and Kenny and all the staff who did their best while I was there. The administrators, the ones who have never ever been there since it opened seven years ago, can go fuck themselves

Friday, 1 February 2013

World Music... a phrase I hate. I mean, where else is it going to come from? However, it is a handy phrase, as everyone knows what it means, and until I can think of a better way of saying 'music from all sorts of exotic locations around the world, especially the East', it'll have to do.

It is, it has to be said,  very difficult to make a mix of it, what with all its weird time signatures and keys, but I actually rather like this one, even if there's only one song in a language I understand! Most of this, by the way, is dance music; housey stuff, hiphop, trip hop and, it has to be said, a smattering of Bollywood too...

DJ Flere Imsaho World Mix 01

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Cambos Xmas Mix 2012

See those links over there to Big Jim Cambo? Big Jim, along with Leeds & Proud, Mr Benn, Cossie (LUFC) and Major Tom, among others, is a member of Another Online Place, and they are a  splendid bunch of guys; clever and funny and warm and blokey and, just, you know, nice. We like to go on educational drinking tours in London a couple of times a year. You know the sort of thing; Blue Plaques, Culture, Architecture, we even did the Monopoly Pub Crawl one memorable Saturday (though the Sunday wasn't too good). And at Christmas, we make a CD each of our favourite songs of the year and hand them around to each other in The Ship in Soho. This year I took a couple of songs off each CD, and made a mix of them.

*raises a glass* To you, lads.

DJ Flere Imsaho Cambos Xmas 2012 Mix